Monday, September 25, 2006

September 2006 Garden News

Well we had 25 mm of rain last night and what a blessing it was to parched gardens and lawns, more please.
Very sore today, lots of aches and pains today after cutting back six Custard Apple trees and then putting the waste through the Greenfield shredder.

It’s the last day of winter and we have had just over 90mm of rain this week. What a great way to go into spring, I am looking forward to squishing into the moist lawn as I walk around the garden.
I bought a few bags of Mushroom compost, supposed to be spent but in the last few weeks we, friends and workmates have had many kilos of beautiful mushrooms.
I have ordered a native bee hive hopefully it will all be set up in the next month.
Planted a couple of tree ferns and large birds nest anthurium’s around the garden, no matter how much I seem to plant there is always room for more.
We had a day of 70 k winds, of course from the west and this is the second worst possible thing for Heliconias other than a frost as the leaves just rip to shreds and some of the larger plants that were about to flower have been knocked down.
Have to do some repair work around the pool fence as the foxtail palms have pushed the fence posts out at an angle and to me it looks untidy, I will fix this up and put sleepers in behind the fence and fill up with soil.
This has turned out to be a bigger job (isn’t this always the case) than I thought as the Foxtail Palm roots had entwined themselves around the cement base holding the posts in and I ruined two posts trying to get the posts out, plus a few blisters.
The job is now completed and looks much better, some people would not notice but I am happy with end product.
Another big month on ‘photo bucket’ with nearly 5000 hits on my album, have to renew my yearly subscription this month, costs $25 U.S but by sending a bank cheque it ends up costing about $48 Aust. It’s worth it to see so many people enjoying our garden.
The Hippeastrums are all coming out and are quite a sight.
Everything now is so many weeks to the ‘Open Garden’ this garden opening has turned out to be the biggest event of our year.
Had a phone call from a north Brisbane garden club who want to visit our garden on a bus trip just prior to our opening, that’s ok as they will not be too much trouble.
I actually bought myself a new fishing rod this week, one of these days I will get to use it, hopefully next year I will be able to go part time to three or four days a week at my work. Working full time five days a week plus doing a seven day weekend in the garden is getting a bit too much.
Another 14mm of rain this week but followed again by some very strong westerly winds which knocked down a lot more Heliconias especially the ‘Purpurea’ which was a pity because it should of flowered this year, and I haven’t seen it in flower yet.
I picked up my hive of native bees and placed them next to a Lychee in full flower, are they ever happy little bee’s.
I am very pleased the way this blog is turning out I will make improvements as I go along, having the time to do all this is my biggest hurdle.
We are going through the ‘kitchen renovation’ phase at the moment, Judy is about to get a nice new timber kitchen with all new appliances, as I want a say, compromise is the word of this month (both of us).

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