Thursday, September 28, 2006

Creating a Pot Water Feature

Obviously you must have a large enough clay pot that will keep the water cool enough during our hot summer so the fish do not boil.
My smallest pot contains about 150 litres of water.
The first job is to hose out the inside to get rid of loose particles.
Then the pot must be sealed, I use water based bitumen paint, two coats within two days then leave for a minimum of 10 to 14 days.
Use tap water not rain water as tap water contains more mineral content, then use a chlorine neutralizer and a pond conditioner.

I lay a besser block on the base and place the water plant pot on this block (the besser block gives fish a place to shelter).
Cover the dirt in the pot with loose gravel this will stop the dirt from making the water cloudy.
Do not use organic soil, use pure dirt.
Put your fish in and a bit of waterweed then feed the fish once a week.
If you are in Queensland depending on height of pot you may need to make it cane toad proof.

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Jenni said...

HI Ian
just reading your blog - I have put a pot in my garden, have filled it with water and am about to buy a water lily and some white cloud fish. I came home today to find a cane toad relaxing in the water obviously not able to get out due to the shape of the pot. How do you plan to canetoad proof your pond?
Jenni (my blog is a quilting blog, not gardening. I live on Lamb Island)