Saturday, July 28, 2018

Fiskars Garden Tools

I am a big fan of Fiskars garden tools.

After buying on a budget cheap Chinese junk garden tools I realized that if I wanted a quality tool that would virtually last me a lifetime I would have to pay more to get the quality and lifespan  I desired.

All Fiskars are made in Europe and are a Finnish firm.

Another great thing about these tools are that they are ergonomic.

So over the past few years I have been steadily building up my collection of these great tools (see picture).

Some I have been given by Fiskars but the majority I have bought myself.

I have never had any sort of problem until now.

The cord on my Telescopic Tree Pruner snapped and as much as I tried to replace the cord the more frustrated I became, I just could not get it right and yes I did download the instructions.

So at $200 plus it is an expensive tool to purchase and I am coming up to the time where all my Custard Apple trees will be needing their annual prune.

I noticed while shopping in our local Bunnings that Fiskars tools have a 25 year guarantee.

I will let Fiskars know and hopefully may have a positive outcome.

Thursday, July 05, 2018

June Garden News 2018

Sorry no photo at the moment as I have a new computer and am having problems acessing June's photos.
Hopefully I will find them later.
Just feeling a bit frustrated at the moment.
Just found some.

June has been an extremely busy month.
One of the problems with having so many fruit trees is that they need pruning every year and now is the time to do it.
So far I have pruned four Jaboticaba’s, four Grumichama’s, two Black Sapote’s, and four Carambola’s.
I have also trimmed our large Poinciana tree and the Alamanda’s.
It’s been a big job and one has to have the right tools for the job that is where the Silky saws and the Sthil Pole Pruner have shown their value.
Obviously to have to pay extra to get the best but it is well worth it in the long run.
At my age anything that makes the job easier is valued and I don’t mind spending a bit extra to invest in a good tool.
I never ever buy a garden tool made in China; I have been bitten once or twice in the past and never again.
Brugmansia 'Sugared Almond' in flower and it is unusual as it changes colour through flowering.

We had a small bus through the garden from ‘Ferney Grove Garden Club’ and garden presentations to’ Mt Tamborine Garden Club’ ‘Probus Club of Springwood’ and ‘Northern District Horticultural Society’.
I must say how friendly the Mt Tamborine Club was, it was a pleasure to go up there.
Orange Rostrata Heliconia is coming into flower.

There are leaves everywhere especially from the Pecan Nut trees, not unexpected as it is winter.
I also collected a load of rocks and some soil and did some improvements to the front yard.