Thursday, July 08, 2010

Seaweed in the garden

Again I am going to recommend a product which Judy and I use all the time in our garden and believe has helped make our garden and plants so healthy all year round.

We are great believers in the benefit of using Kelp (seaweed) in the garden as a foliar, transplanting and soil conditioner.
NatraKelp has their factory situated in Maroochydore and processes the kelp which has been imported from Tasmania.
We believe this is a very superior product to some you can buy, it comes out of the container like treacle and we mix it at a 10 to one rate which is 100 mills in a watering can.
NatraKelp make liquid seaweed from Tasmanian bull kelp (Durvillea Potatorum) one of the world's richest sources of micro-nutrients, alginic acid, essential amino acids, minerals and other complex organic compounds. They use a natural bacterial fermentation process to liquefy the kelp and maximise the seaweed's high nutrient levels. When we buy new plants or do any transplanting we always water them in with a kelp solution.
With the foliar spray the one we use is an 18-3-10 solution we spray all the plants at least every month,
This is a great plant food which contains nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium - plus the added growing power of liquid seaweed, this product contains a
base of 65% liquid seaweed with a range of NPK formulations (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) plus chelated trace elements, this mix boosts the health, vigour and yield of all our plants.

NatraKelp soil conditioner is a mix of several different types of seaweed and helps the soil retain moisture this liquid seaweed plant and soil conditioner uses a base of premium seaweed, blended to increase its natural "stickiness" and water-retention qualities in soil. This product not only enhances moisture retention and soil structure at the same time, it promotes healthy plants by delivering a package of essential nutrients.
Our garden is a success partly due to our use of Natrakelp products.
If you want to know more, visit their web site found at:

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

June Garden 2010

I went to look at a local garden with an Open Garden selector with the view of becoming a selector, I am not sure, I think I may not be open minded enough as I did not think the garden was suitable but the selectors were quite happy with it, I will give it some more thought.
Only one garden presentation this month and thart was to the ‘Golden Wattle’ club, it was a very small and aged club, but they did enjoy my presentation.
I attended a Cordyline Society meeting held at ‘Palms for Brisbane’ nursery and as usual it was a friendly meet and I managed to win a couple of nice cordylines..
I have been asked to review Fiskars products, this came out of the blue and I told them I would be happy to do so.
I have Built a trellises for the’ Jade Vine’ and ‘Thunbergia Mysoris vine’, should be stunning once the vines are established. .
It has been dull month weather wise, not much sun or rain.
Our youngest son warrick moved into new house on half acre just up the road from us so I have been helping him out quite a bit.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Link to Television show

The below link will take you to 'Gardening Australia's' web site. Our segment is called 'Structure in the garden'. Go to the iview link on the green band then click on the episode and you wll see our garden, takes a few minutes to go through all the other stuff.