Tuesday, July 06, 2010

June Garden 2010

I went to look at a local garden with an Open Garden selector with the view of becoming a selector, I am not sure, I think I may not be open minded enough as I did not think the garden was suitable but the selectors were quite happy with it, I will give it some more thought.
Only one garden presentation this month and thart was to the ‘Golden Wattle’ club, it was a very small and aged club, but they did enjoy my presentation.
I attended a Cordyline Society meeting held at ‘Palms for Brisbane’ nursery and as usual it was a friendly meet and I managed to win a couple of nice cordylines..
I have been asked to review Fiskars products, this came out of the blue and I told them I would be happy to do so.
I have Built a trellises for the’ Jade Vine’ and ‘Thunbergia Mysoris vine’, should be stunning once the vines are established. .
It has been dull month weather wise, not much sun or rain.
Our youngest son warrick moved into new house on half acre just up the road from us so I have been helping him out quite a bit.

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Marleneann said...

I couldn't do judging of potential gardens for Open Garden as I would not be able to hurt the owners feelings by saying it wasn't worthy of selection.
I'm just an old softy!