Sunday, July 04, 2021

June 2021 Garden News.


Plenty of tree and shrub trimming and cutting, this is always a big winter job with four Carambolas, one Mango, five Jaboticabas, five Grumichama’s, Custard Apples and various shrubs.

Plenty of loads to the dump as my Composting areas are quite full.

I am trying to lower the height of several of the fruit tree to make it easier to trim in the future as I am not getting any younger.

We went back to Genny Catlin’s and finished off putting up the shade cloth.

We had three garden presentations booked for June but I had to cancel one of them or rather it was cancelled for me as the club wanted me to reduce my presentation from 45 minutes to 25 minutes. I just cannot do that as it would destroy the whole idea of my talk.

Anyway, we went one evening to New Farm to give a Presentation to the ‘Brisbane Bromeliad Society’ then the following week to ‘The Gap Garden Club’, all really enjoyed my ‘Aroids and Colour’ presentation.

The only problem was driving through Brisbane’s traffic, don’t really care for that sort of driving anymore.

Judy has had a bumper crop of rare Anthurium seeds and these have done well in her hothouse.

Judy is at her happiest propagating.

There are going to be some fantastic plants available if we can open in November.

The last Sunday of the month was a Cordyline meeting at Rochedale, as usual a bunch of great people there and for the first time ever I won first prize in the raffle which was a large bag of fertilizer.

Tuesday, June 08, 2021

Garden News May 2021


This month we had our first bus visit for quite some time as of course Covid was to blame.

People were very pleased to be able to get out and enjoy a nice garden.

We hosted 49 visitors from Forest Lake Garden Club, all who have a great morning walking around the garden.

Everyone said how much they enjoyed the garden even though the Caladiums and Amorphophallus are in their dormant phase.

All the Caladiums have been dug out of ground and as the Amorphophallus die back I am storing those in containers, both with vermiculite to keep the tubers and bulbs dry.

I sent some Amorphophallus tubers to a friend in South Australia who did me a big favour.

There was a Cordyline meeting at Buderim but unfortunately Judy had a fall and fractured a rib and did not want to sit in the car driving to the Sunshine Coast.

There was an Aroid Society meeting which we went to at Sunnybank as usual all the plants were quite expensive and we were pleased with the price we received for two plants that went for auction.

Lots of work done in the garden as usual and my main job was to improve the front lawn as this area had no grass left.

Genny Catlin rang asking if we knew anyone who could replace her shade cloth, not knowing anyone I was silly enough to say I would do it so, I ordered three x 50 metre rolls and Judy and I stitched two four-metre-wide rolls together, over 20 metres each length.

I then enlisted the help of a fellow Aroid member to help put he shade cloth up, he was 28 and I am 76, I well and truly kept up with him.

We managed to do almost all that Genny wanted with a still one 23 metre long bit to go, which I will do next month.

The main thing is that Genny was happy and I was help her out.

I have had my first Astra Zenica Covid jab with no side effects.

Some nice visitors.

 Some of May's plants.


Friday, May 14, 2021

April 2021 Garden News

 The start of April; was very busy with finishing the pool deck.

I started to screw the Merbau timber to the joists, as the pool surround is not straight every bit of timber had to be cut to fit the curve of the pool.

After 925 stainless decking screws the job was almost finished all that remained to do was to pebble the area behind the deck and then clean and prepare the deck for oiling.

I then gave the deck three coats of water based oil.

The finished product was quite pleasing.

We had a short break for ANZAC day at Agnes Water where my Grand daughters marched with me.

I did not do much else that month as my arm and shoulder were giving me a lot of pain from building the deck.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Garden News March 2021


Sorry I am so late in posting this blog but I have been very building a new pool deck.

At last, a Garden Club presentation. On the 16th we visited Oxley and District Garden Club where I gave my latest presentation on ‘Aroids and Colour’.

They really liked it and it was nice to receive a nice thank you letter.

We had a bus trip booked to our garden but due to the heavy rain we had to cancel, just too wet and soggy.

The other cancellation was a visit to Steve Flood’s Nursery with the Cordyline Society as we had Grandchildren duties that day.

March was a great month for rain, in all we had over 500 mills, that filled up all our tanks and gave the garden a deep watering.

The existing pool deck was getting old and rotten so instead of waiting for winter when the weather is cooler, I made a start, and what a big job it has turned out to be.

I did not finish it until mid-April so you will have to wait until next months Blog entry to see the finished work.

I have also made benches for Judy's Bromeliads.

There were two parts of the garden that I was not happy with, so out came the existing plants, timber edges in then build up with soil and compost and finally fill with new plants.

Some garden photos I took over the month.