Thursday, July 05, 2018

June Garden News 2018

Sorry no photo at the moment as I have a new computer and am having problems acessing June's photos.
Hopefully I will find them later.
Just feeling a bit frustrated at the moment.
Just found some.

June has been an extremely busy month.
One of the problems with having so many fruit trees is that they need pruning every year and now is the time to do it.
So far I have pruned four Jaboticaba’s, four Grumichama’s, two Black Sapote’s, and four Carambola’s.
I have also trimmed our large Poinciana tree and the Alamanda’s.
It’s been a big job and one has to have the right tools for the job that is where the Silky saws and the Sthil Pole Pruner have shown their value.
Obviously to have to pay extra to get the best but it is well worth it in the long run.
At my age anything that makes the job easier is valued and I don’t mind spending a bit extra to invest in a good tool.
I never ever buy a garden tool made in China; I have been bitten once or twice in the past and never again.
Brugmansia 'Sugared Almond' in flower and it is unusual as it changes colour through flowering.

We had a small bus through the garden from ‘Ferney Grove Garden Club’ and garden presentations to’ Mt Tamborine Garden Club’ ‘Probus Club of Springwood’ and ‘Northern District Horticultural Society’.
I must say how friendly the Mt Tamborine Club was, it was a pleasure to go up there.
Orange Rostrata Heliconia is coming into flower.

There are leaves everywhere especially from the Pecan Nut trees, not unexpected as it is winter.
I also collected a load of rocks and some soil and did some improvements to the front yard.

Thursday, June 07, 2018

May 2018 Garden News

May was a very busy month for us.

First was a presentation to the ‘Ipswich Bromeliad Society’ it went really well and everyone enjoyed my presentation and Judy’s plants.

 Impatient 'Congo Cockatoo'.
 Impatient 'Tropical Sunset'

We then had a large group through from ‘Highfields Garden Club’ in Toowoomba, there were 59 people on the bus and our garden was their only stop over so they stayed for quite some time.

Only one problem was Judy had an argument with one of visitors about an Aristolochia gigantea, she thought it was illegal and Judy said it wasn’t, anyway this person upon arriving home sent our local council an email stating that we were growing an illegal plant. So around comes the council inspector to check us out, all good. Some people are just plain NARKS.

Our Triplaris was in full flower.

We then had two bus trips from a respite care center, not really interested in gardening but made for a nice day out for them, more a community service on our part.

I replaced the roof on Judy’s shade house, a Macadamia branch had fallen and flattened the roof, that was a big job and also built a couple of plant stands for her.

Little bit dangerous as I had to cut down a massive branch which was difficult to do without causing further damage, anyway managed to do it with a couple of cuts and a fall into the drain hitting my head quite hard on a piece of timber.
Seyrigia 'Snowsticks'

Lots of cutting back and trimming as the wet summer made everything grow much more than usual.
May was quite dry and it was back to hand watering the garden.

Monday, April 30, 2018

March and April Garden News

Where has the time gone?
It’s now the first of May and I have been pressed for time most of this year.
I think it’s because we have had a wettish summer and everything has grown more than usually, I seem to spend a lot of time cutting back shrubs and trees.

Anyway getting to March garden news which I just did not get time to do.
We started off by visiting ‘Rose Lovers’ where I gave the ‘Clever Gardening’ presentation, they are a great club and we have been there on a few occasions.
Then ‘Eagleby Garden Club’ came to the garden by bus, about 45 people. All enjoyed the garden and another great club.

Then a ‘Clever Gardening’ presentation to ‘Golden Downs over 50s’ resort.
School holidays started so lots of minding the Grandchildren.
I suppose due to plenty of rain and the fact that I should have more time to do things due to not having to water the garden; I didn’t and was time poor.
A massive Macadamia branch came down last month over one of our shade areas, now there’s another big branch which needs to come down.
In April we had our big plant sale and for a donation people could walk the garden.
It was a great success especially as I only advertised it through social media and a few emails to garden clubs.
We will do it again as it was so much easier than the big Open Garden thing.
Ormeo Garden Club held their monthly meeting here, what a great idea, they had a great time in the garden and I gave a presentation of ‘Bizarre and Beautiful Botanicals’.

The really big news was purchasing a Kia Sorento SUV, diesel, it was our first new car for many a year and we are very happy with it.
We then drove to Agnes Water to see our youngest son and his family, great to have a week off gardening. The kia took us up there using 5.7 litres per 100 klms which was phenomenal.
Now it’s back to gardening in a big way, lots of fruit trees to cut back, composting and mulching to be done ect.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Garden News February 2018

Not a lot to report this month as the weather has been quite terrible.
The only redeeming feature was that we had some decent rain.

February was so hot every day and humid, end up soaking wet with sweat from the day’s work.
The swimming pool received a good workout.

The garden presentations started this month with a trip to West Logan to give a presentation to ‘Greenpark Garden Club’, then there was a bus trip from the ‘Bundaberg Garden Group’, they were here last year but we were in drought conditions at the time so it was quite different for them this time, everything was green and quite lush.

We received an dinner invite from the Lions Club who gave us a nice certificate of appreciation for raising around $60,000 from our Open Gardens.

One big disaster this month was half a Macadamia tree fell on top of a shade house, although it did not destroy any plants it made a real mess of the shade house and took a big chunk out of the remaining half. 
What a job getting it down, never realised Macadamia wood was so heavy, exhausting work getting it down, I think the rest of the tree will have to be cut down also.