Sunday, November 05, 2017

October Garden News 2017

This month’s blog is hard to do as I am just so busy getting ready for our final ‘Open Garden’.
I really don’t think people realise just how much work has to go into an opening like ours, it’s a big garden and means a big lot of work to get ready.

Both Judy and I are 72 and this will be our 15th consecutive opening, I don’t think too many people have done that.
Over these years we usually raise about $4000 for the ‘Lion’s Club’, so that makes it close to $60,000 overall and we stipulate that the money goes to aid disabled especially children.
We were recognise on Australia Day 2017 by Redland City as ‘Local Hero’s’, it was quite an achievement.

Boonah Garden Club visited and had a nice morning in our garden and we gave presentations to Logan City Garden Club and Albany Creek Garden Club.

This year we have had 24 either bus trips or given presentations, a busy year to say the least.
All my 5000 Open Garden flyers have been distributed to garden clubs, nursery’s ect.
Letters sent to clubs, radio, television and newspapers all in the hope of getting a ‘bite’.
We had a burst in ‘The Senior News’ which was great and hoping that the ‘Redland City Bulletin’ will do the same.

I now have a new camera, it is a Canon GX3 and so far I am extremely happy with it, only gripe is that it did not come with a CD or cable.

Now for the REALLY BIG NEWS, we have had the best prior ‘Open Garden’ rain ever, a total of 150 mills and all out tanks are full, that is amazing.
The garden is looking truly beautiful and lush and everything good.

The mass planting of Caladiums is going to be spectacular and the Amorphophallus are coming through.

Lots of great and rare plants will be for sale at very reasonable prices.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Open Garden 2017

This year’s ‘Open Garden will be our 15th consecutive opening and every year including this year has seen improvements to the garden.
They say ‘good things come to an end’ and unfortunately this will be our last ‘Open Garden’.
We will continue to welcome bus tours and also continue presentations to garden clubs ect.
We hope to make this year’s opening the best ever and with the current rain (126 mills)
everything in the garden is smiling.
It is really looking good and if you have been before please come again as there’s plenty of new landscaping and plants to see.

We have a couple of plant sales during the year as so many people love Judy’s plants especially the rare ones that you can’t get anywhere else , that’s to be worked out.

Monday, October 02, 2017

September 2017 Garden News

September, what a terrible month for gardening.
No rain whatsoever and a heat wave, temperatures in the high 30s the result is that the ground is warmer than usual so everything will be early.
The Black Sapotes which we usually pick in November are ripening on the tree and unfortunately the Flying Foxes have found them.

The Possums have found the ‘Nam Doc Mi’ Mango tree and are determined to strip every leaf off it and no matter what I try I cannot stop them, I have set traps, put toilet blocks in the tree, bought electronic repellents and a special wood chip and still they come.

Some garden pictures from Septembers garden.

Our Grandchildren visited and Sophie had the idea that all the animals in the garden need to have a conference, so off they went hunting.
Guess who had to put them all back though.

 Some more garden pictures.

On the 13th we had a bus trip from Esk ‘Valley of the Lakes’ Garden Club, they are a great club and really enjoyed the garden but being so dry it was difficult to prepare.

On the 26th we visited ‘The Gap’ Garden Club, again a great club with almost 100 members in attendance. I gave my new presentation ‘Clever Gardening’ which was very well received.

Then on the 30th another bus load of visitors from the ‘Bundaberg Garden Group’, again the garden was dry but they knew that as they are suffering the same as we are.

I have found a really good product Rocky Point ‘Active 8, finding it great to add to the vegetable garden and flowering plants like Daylilies and Hippeastrums and it’s not expensive.

We are now in ‘Open Garden’ mode and this year will be our 15th opening and I am sorry to say our last.

It is getting harder and harder each year and all our helpers are getting older and older so we have made the decision that 2017 will be our last, we still plan to have a couple of plant sales a year where people can walk the garden but it will not be the big deal opening with catering, raffles ect.

As I am writing this I can hear the sound of light rain, here’s hoping I have better news in my October blog.

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

August 2017 Garden News

Two garden presentations this month, first one to Karana Downs Garden Club and the second to Clayfield Ascot Garden Club, no bus trips this month but two in September.

The garden is really dry as we have not had rain for several months.
Basically the only real rain we have had all year was in March when Cyclone Debbie came through, I really hate to think what the garden would look like if ‘Debbie’ had never happened, probably all dead by now.
The tanks were full from ‘Debbie’ but are starting to look a bit sad now.
Not a lot in flower this month but the new gardens I built in April are really coming on nicely.

It would be great to get some rain in September, but that is a rare occurrence.
We have had an extremely warm winter, only having to light the fire twice, I have a feeling we are in for a hot summer.
We decided to replace the flooring in the hall, entry, kitchen, rumpus and family rooms, a total of 75 square metres (that’s a lot of tiles), we hired a professional to take up the entire old lino, tiles and level any uneven floor areas.

Of course all the furniture had to be removed and for two weeks we basically lived in the laundry, it was difficult but the end result was worth it.
We now have a beautiful floor that we are happy with.

I finished pruning all five Custard Apple trees and in the process lost my new Silky saw that Judy bought me for Christmas, so out I went and spent $100 on a new one because I cannot be without a Silky saw.

A couple of weeks later while laying down Sugar Cane mulch in the garden I spotted something bright and shiny, yes it was my Silky saw that I thought I had lost to the dump, anyway I now have two almost new ones now.
My next big job was to repot all my Amorphophallus collection, also sorting out the ones we will have for sale at our November ‘Open Garden’.

This year will be our 15th opening and we think it will probably be our last as it is just getting too hard for Judy and our helpers are now not in the best of health.

I also top dressed our lawns and NOT HAPPY with the mix, I should have refused to accept the mix as soon as I saw it but thought it may be OK, it wasn’t and I am not happy with the supplier, it was like a muddy mix of sand and chicken manure, not nice.
We picked some nice Navel Oranges this year.