Thursday, September 17, 2020

August 2020 Garden News

 Still not much happening in the outside gardening world so it's just working and improving our garden these days. 

The big job was to prune all five Custard Apple trees, I was a bit heavy handed this year as I wanted the top of the trees lower as it will be easier for me to manage.

Yellow Sapote
Tumeric Crop
Torch Scadoxus
Hippeastrum Paplilio
Caladium Bulbs

Custard Apple Pruning.
Refurbishing Garden.

Black Sapote Brownie

I redid a garden which had a selection of Euphorbia's in as they were just not getting enough sun.

Judy made a new Black Sapote Brownie and it was quite nice.

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Garden News July 2020


What with Covid 19 (Chinese Flu) our gardening exploit’s and visits have been severely curtailed.

Basically, we have stayed at home most of the time working on improving the garden, lots of soil has been brought in to refurbish garden beds and it all should look amazing if we can open in November.

Here in Queensland we seem to have Covid pretty well contained, let’s just hope there’s no econd wave like in Victoria.

Our local dump has been closed for six weeks so there’s quite a bit of garden rubbish stored arund the place.

At this time of year, the lawns are usually brown but due to us having rain pretty well every month they have remained green.

Our seven tanks are full and I have not had to spend hours and hours hand watering the garden like I usually do every winter.

Had to go into Hospital for an unpleasant procedure but all is good.

We had a few day’s at Agnes Water to see family and came back with our Granddaughters from who spent the rest of the School Holidays with us.

Picking Oranges, Grapefruit, Yellow Sapote and Ambarella’s at the moment.

Friday, July 24, 2020

June 2020 Garden News

Very little happening in the garden during June.
Covid 19 has had the effect of cancelling all garden events including club meetings and of course bus visits and shows.
What have I been doing?
Well very busy building up garden beds and replacing a retaining wall.
All hard work will loads of heavy lifting and trailer loads of soil.
we have not had any significant rain since March but a shower now and again, enough to keep the lawns green.
We had a few days to see our son and family at Agnes Water, nice to have a small break from the garden.
I had to get ultra sound and an injection into my shoulder to ease to pain from overworking it.
Judy has been busy potting and we should have some great plants available if we open in November.
We only use the Rocky Point premium mix and add a handful of Multi-Pro per bag.

Sunday, June 07, 2020

May 2020 Garden News

Not much happening in the way of presentations or garden visits due to Covid 19.
I have been very busy in the garden carting in rocks and soil to raise garden beds.
I am continuing to trim or rather cut back the fruit trees as I need to make it easier for the coming years.
I have had a lot of shoulder pain and had to have Xray’s and Ultrasound then an injection into my shoulder, thankfully it’s much better now.
I haven’t really been anywhere other than the dump, Bunning’s and our local Landscaping yard, yes, I lead an interesting and exciting life.
I have started to use my beautiful compost.
It’s now three months since we had any rain and honestly, I am sick of watering. Thank goodness the tanks filled in March. The place is very dry.
I have started to store all the Amorphophallus that need to stay dry and repotted the ones that remain in soil.

Thursday, May 07, 2020

Garden News April 2020

Of course, with the shutdown of all activities relating to gatherings no garden presentations or visitors during the month of April.
Instead I have been steadily working on improving the garden, nothing new in the way of garden beds just improving existing gardens with soil, compost, trimming ect and a few repair jobs.

I had a massive load to the dump every week.
I believe visitors will notice.
No rain during April so it’s back to hand on hose watering gardens, painful but has to be done. Lucky the tanks were filled during March’s rain event.
I had my 75th Birthday, but it was a non-event really but Judy did make me a nice dinner and Pavlova for dessert.

Here are some photos of April’s plants, a lot of these are from the Aroid family which I suppose one could say is the latest plant fad. The prices some of these are fetching is crazy.