Wednesday, May 11, 2022

April 2022 Garden News


Still making improvements to the garden with six minor garden renovations this year which means old plants dug out and new ones in, it never stops.

The biggest job was to dig all the Caladium bulbs out and then raise the garden wall ready for next year.

The BIG news was receiving over one metre of rain, we are soaking wet and all seven tanks are overflowing, it's gumboot time in the Giving Garden.

 The Caladiums are cleaned and stored in the garage dry on a layer of vermiculite ready to plant out in the spring.

Good that all the garden show are starting up again, we went to the Bromeliad show and bought a few plants, must admit it gets harder and harder to find something new.

Judy and I went to ‘Logan City Garden Club’ to give a presentation on Aroids, not many in attendance and quite aged in average. I often wonder what will happen to garden clubs in a few years’ time as most are made up of members over 60.

Bought some terrible soil from our local landscape yard, it was told it was premium soil, I think or rather know that this soil is absolute crap.

We had a break to see our son and family at Agnes Waters’, nice to have a break away from the garden.

Wednesday, April 06, 2022

March garden news 2022


Well March was certainly different.

Rain, rain and more rain, more than we have ever seen, in all we had over one metre fall from the sky.

The garden was waterlogged but no problems as the drainage system worked very well.

The trees all had a great spurt of growth so much so that I have spent quite a bit of time cutting back to let some light into the garden.

We went to a Cordyline meeting at Lagoon View Nursery and it was nice to catch up with other fellow gardeners.

I have been doing a lot in the garden and have replanted in four areas, looking for colour and variegation in the new plants.

Bunnings are getting in some interesting aroids so once a week I go searching there and have found some beauties.

There has been a few Carpet Pythons around and I have had a couple of close encounters.

Friday, February 25, 2022

February 2022 Garden News


This is my second attempt to write his blog as previously the power went off just as I was to hit the save, ‘bugger’ and I was doing so well.

With all the rain the garden has grown amazingly and I seem to be spending a lot of time trimming trees and shrubs just to let more light into the garden.

A big show in the garden this year has been the Zingiber Beehive Gingers, I am potting quite a few of these up ready for this years ‘Open Garden’.

Speaking of ‘Open Garden’ this year 2022 will be our 20th opening and unfortunately also our last, the work load is just getting too much.

This weekend we were supposed to be hosting a Cordyline Club meeting but hat has been cancelled due to Covid fears.

We will still open our garden to individuals and groups by appointment and Judy will still have lots of rare and beautiful plants for sale.

I have not stopped working in the garden and have refurbished several gardens with new plants.

I have just finished my new power point presentation ‘Aroids in the Giving Garden’ and am very happy with it, I used to have other colorful plants in it but changed it to all Aroids as that is the big thing these days.

It looks like a very slow year for bus trips and presentations as we have very little booked this year.

It’s a bit strange as people say after one of my presentations that it was the best ever, oh well, perhaps we are blacklisted as I refused a club late last year as they wanted me to complete my presentation in 25 minutes whereas I insist on 45 minutes.

If only they knew how much work goes into making a presentation and I have no intention of compromising it.

As I write this, we are in the middle of a rain event, so far 215 mm.

One of the very few days where I can’t garden.

Sunday, January 23, 2022

January 2022 Garden News

Back to blogging after a break.

Of course, December we were still cleaning up after the 19th ‘Open Garden’ and then our family came down from Agnes Water to spend Christmas with us.

As usual both son’s and their families came for Christmas Seafood lunch followed by pavlova, lovingly decorated by the Grandchildren. 

So, very little time to do anything in the garden.

Caladiums this year have been fantastic.

As usual the Heliconia rostrata put's on a show.

Medinilla miniata flowered well.

If bought a new photo program (In Pixo) and these are some of the background removal results.

January, our first project was to go to Jacobs Well to build a patio cover for Genny Catlin as hers fell down.

I am having to mow our lawns twice a week due to the good rainfall we have had.

I am a bit out of sorts at the moment as I have had two teeth (front and eye tooth) surgically removed and an implant in with one more implant to go. No sure who is in the most pain, me or my bank account.

I will get back to the garden as soon as I feel better, there’s a lot of cleaning up to be done as the gum trees are losing their bark and leaves at the moment and they are blowing everywhere.

It’s the untidiest and most messy time of the year in the ‘Giving Garden’.

We had a reasonable Mango crop but the birds, possums and flying foxes had their share also.

Sleepy Lizards are out of hibernation and they just love these biscuits.

We have this wonderful Sulphur Crested Cockatoo which sits on the roof gutter and swarks until he gets food put on the feed table, you can get close enough to hand feed him.

Saturday, December 04, 2021

Garden News November 2021


Well, the 2021 Open Garden is well and over and it was the hardest one we have put on.

Both Judy and I worked ourselves really hard both in getting ready and the after cleaning up.

Even two weeks after we are still feeling worn out.

WE had 520 visitors through the gate, yes, I know that sound good but it was a disappointment for us as we usually get around the 800 marks

We thought this year would be special as so many events had been cancelled and we had good publicity from our local paper and 4BC radio station, but it did not turn out that way and we are left wondering why.

2022 will be our 20th opening and probably our last, it takes a toll out of both of us and we have to rely heavily on friends to help, so we will just see how it goes.

Judy will not stop her propagation of garden plants and people who wish to buy can make an appointment through my Facebook page ‘The Giving Garden’.

We had the most amazing rain last month (November) and everything is growing like crazy.