Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My weekend

On Friday I left work at lunch time knowing it was going to be a busy weekend.
First job was to clean out a drain as heavy rain was forecast, then as I had the Karcher out I cleaned the weed growing on the waterfall, this is a bit awkward as I have to catch the dirty water as it falls.
I then cleaned all the dirty filters then topped the pond up with rainwater.
I then dug the compost over and also dug in some nitrogen and blood and bone, as it was defiantly going to rain this would accelerate the composting process.
I then hopped on the ride on and mowed our one acre.
I then remembered that I had forgotten to pick up the fish for tea, so I hopped on my Motor bike and rode down to the local fish shop and bought some nice whiting.
By the time I got back it was time to have a look at
So that was Friday afternoon.
Saturday was decision day, do I wait for the rain to fall or do I make a start, I made the start by putting the trailer on the car, driving it round to the back yard.
I then got out my loppers and pole pruner and set about trimming a large overgrown ‘Barbados Cherry’ and ‘Brazil Cherry’ that needed a heavy prune, by the time I finished I had filled a very big trailer.
I then took this load to the dump.
Judy then said she wanted one of the rainforest tracks widened, so out came the rocks and then replaced in their new position.
I then had a few new trees/plants to put in, dig holes, soak with kelp, get some new soil then fertilise.
I then painted part of the fence surrounding the pool area.
Onto for a while then end of day.
Sunday arrived and as usual we get up early and go to the Chandler markets; we actually were foolish enough to think it would be too wet to go and that we could have a sleep in, ha-ha.
Bought the usual fruit and veges, no plants this weekend.
Decided to replace the cracked pot built into Gazebo so instead of buying a new one for $200 I decided to move the big pot from the front yard and replace it with a nice flowering shrub.
Had to repair two tubes in the sack truck first, then get the big heavy so and so pot out and into the new area, took quite an effort, then getting it into place was difficult as the base was larger than the hole, alterations were required, did that and still too big, next thought was to place a couple of besser blocks on the base to lift pot, it worked. Then I realised that the previous waterproofing had worn in a few places so that was another job to recoat, lucky I had found a new tin of pond seal at the markets the other week.
Cut a few Bromeliad pups off mothers for Judy, then decided to spray the whole garden with kelp and power feed.
Time to walk around the garden and feed all the fish in various pots around the place.
Has a look at where the new 15,000 lite water tank is going and decided to pull out the rocks surrounding the soon to be demised lychee tree then knocked cement off them and placed them in a pile for future use.
I then pondered for a while how I would build the base for the tank and what materials I would need.
Too late to do any more work outside, so onto ausgarden for a while.
It’s been a very busy weekend and I need a nice meal and a beer.
Judy obliged and we had a lovely meal of Roast Lamb, potatoes and peas with mint sauce, and for pudding stewed Rhubarb, apples and pears bought that morning at the markets.
Too tired to do anything else other that watches the magnificent new Documentary on the ABC followed by Bleak House.
Monday completely refreshed by my lazy weekend ready for another five days of work.
By the way it did not rain.

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