Wednesday, September 13, 2006


In the few rare moments when I get time to sit under the back Patio and enjoy the view our back Garden my mind starts to wander, this is the time my wife dreads, it is where I get my Garden inspirations and of course that means time, money and lots of hard work.
Having been married longer than a life sentence for Murder (only joking of course) my wife can read me like a book, she knows ‘the look’.
My ‘mind Garden’ always starts big and grand but always ends in a compromise and the end result is usually good.
I am not ashamed that I have a fixation with curves; all my Gardens have sweeping curves this is something I will not compromise on. There is obviously no underlying motive,other than being a mere male, hope that does not sound too sexist, it must be my age.
I am able to picture a new Garden in my mind (dangerous) but just cannot put that mind picture onto paper; I just roll out the Garden hose (for the curves) collect the rocks, fire up the cement mixer and go on from there.
My wife and I can disagree with the type of plants to go into the new Garden. I have
learnt over the past 38 years not to argue, so sometimes she wins, and sometimes she
will lose, at least I have the advantage of knowing where the ‘Roundup’ is kept (what a great invention that is).
I particularly dislike what I call rubber plants (succulents) funny how they don’t do
well in our Garden, must be the unsuitable soil.
All jokes aside we have ended up with a Garden with something virtually for everyone, it is a Garden full of compromises just like a good relationship.

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