Wednesday, November 11, 2020

October 2020 Garden News


Yet another Covid 19 garden update.

Will I and everyone else be glad when this is over.

Of course, no garden presentations or bus trips to our garden but clubs are starting to book us in for next year.

On the 19th October it was our seventh month of drought and the garden was looking then a miracle happened, it rained and we ended up with about 140mm which of course made us more than happy.

The garden has roared back and is looking green and lush especially after kelping and putting three 25 kilo bags of Nitrophoska Blue on all the garden beds.

I am angry as the Landscape yard where I found decent garden soil has changed their mix and it’s obviously cheaper for them as it is about 90% organic, not what I like.

Then we purchase our usual Rocky Point premium Potting Mix and find that they have also changed their mix and certainly not for the better. So dammed frustrating.

We are welded to the fact that we will not be able to have a 2020 Open Garden in November as numbers will be limited to 40 people only. Silly thing is it does not matter whether you are a private residence of 400 or 4000 sm, it’s still 40 in total and that includes Judy and I and our helpers.

There would be a riot and we usually have a queue to get in.

We are waiting to see what January brings and we may have our opening mid-January, fingers crossed.

Still buying new plants and gardening every day, what else would I do?

The big job for the month was the removal of four Foxtail Palms which had just become too big and dangerous and once they were removed to redo the existing garden.

More shade.

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