Friday, December 11, 2020

Garden News November 2020


November was a horrible month with absolutely no rain and was hot and windy almost every day.

It was a month to forget.

We attended our first garden meeting since February, it was 'The International Cordyline Society' and the meeting was held at the Chandler Rifle Club house.

We were big fans of the Rocky Point premium potting mix but now are very disappointed that they have changed the formula to a mix that just looks bad, bits of wood and sand.

We were given a bag of Centenary Landscapes 'Ultimate mix' and it looked good so we travelled to Darra and picked up a metre in the trailer.

I have been busy creating more shade areas and expanding a garden, the work never stops.

The place is very dry as no rain for six weeks.

We have had a few visitors who came to purchase Caladiums and some other plants.

Judy is still busy potting away and has some very rare plants available when things get back to normal.

On the 9th of November I sent a letter to the Chief health Office regarding opening our garden in January, a month later I have not had a reply.

Not happy with that as they can allow 52,000 people to attend a football match with absolutely no social distancing, masks, sanitizer ect.

Seems to be all about money.

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