Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Garden News September 2020

 Not one solitary drop of rain all month, the garden is getting very dry and I sem to spend most of my time trying to keep the plants alive.

We have lost a large Staghorn, two Amorphophallus titanum's and a medinilla magnifica this month.

All the Amorphophallus have been repotted and now just have to wait for them to come up.

It took 900 litres of potting mix to finish that potting.

All the Caladiums have been planted in the Caladium garden and in pot's.

We are not sure if we will open in November as we are so dry and the Covid restrictions are quite visitor unfriendly.

We are just playing it by ear at the moment, perhaps a January opening, if we do it will be the first.

I have decided to get rid of four Foxtail Palm's as they have grown too big and have become dangerous when the fronds fall.

Stand by to see a complete overhaul of that garden.

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