Friday, July 24, 2020

June 2020 Garden News

Very little happening in the garden during June.
Covid 19 has had the effect of cancelling all garden events including club meetings and of course bus visits and shows.
What have I been doing?
Well very busy building up garden beds and replacing a retaining wall.
All hard work will loads of heavy lifting and trailer loads of soil.
we have not had any significant rain since March but a shower now and again, enough to keep the lawns green.
We had a few days to see our son and family at Agnes Water, nice to have a small break from the garden.
I had to get ultra sound and an injection into my shoulder to ease to pain from overworking it.
Judy has been busy potting and we should have some great plants available if we open in November.
We only use the Rocky Point premium mix and add a handful of Multi-Pro per bag.

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