Saturday, August 15, 2020

Garden News July 2020


What with Covid 19 (Chinese Flu) our gardening exploit’s and visits have been severely curtailed.

Basically, we have stayed at home most of the time working on improving the garden, lots of soil has been brought in to refurbish garden beds and it all should look amazing if we can open in November.

Here in Queensland we seem to have Covid pretty well contained, let’s just hope there’s no econd wave like in Victoria.

Our local dump has been closed for six weeks so there’s quite a bit of garden rubbish stored arund the place.

At this time of year, the lawns are usually brown but due to us having rain pretty well every month they have remained green.

Our seven tanks are full and I have not had to spend hours and hours hand watering the garden like I usually do every winter.

Had to go into Hospital for an unpleasant procedure but all is good.

We had a few day’s at Agnes Water to see family and came back with our Granddaughters from who spent the rest of the School Holidays with us.

Picking Oranges, Grapefruit, Yellow Sapote and Ambarella’s at the moment.

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