Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Garden News August 2019

Winter is over and it was a mild one, we only had our fire on about three times.
Absolutely NO rain all winter and the place is now so dammed dry, lucky we have still got some water left in our rainwater tanks.
A big job this month was to top up established gardens with new soil as the ‘shrinkage’ problem was becoming evident. This happens as the organic material deteriorates.
Only one garden presentation this month and that was to ‘Kilcoy Garden Club’, nice but small club who always show us their country hospitality.
I managed to prune all four Carambola trees and four Custard Apples but there was a surprise lurking in one of the Custard Apple trees for me.
I had climbed the tree and cutting branches with my ‘Silky Saw’ and one of the branches felt too heavy and as I pulled it towards me I noticed a mammoth Python curled around the branch, well I soon let it go and ran to get my camera and to tell Judy about it. I then managed to get some nice photos and video before it became too close for comfort.

Good news about his years ‘Open garden’, my son has done a great flyer for us and we have a coffee van which will be selling coffee, tea, cold drinks and homemade cakes.

My new tiller has had a good workout and our Grandson loves using it.

Our friendly Magpie knows exactly when Breakfast and lunch times are.

Now it’s back to watering, hoping for some rain prior to the ‘Open garden’.
Scadoxis and Solandra in flower this month.

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Unknown said...

Hope you have had rain we are at Bathurst
I just wonderd if any one knows what to do about locus. My garden has been eaten to death they are even starting on the lemon tree was looking for a fourm on gardening when I saw your place so any advice is well come. I’m not a good gardener. Val Maher