Monday, March 06, 2017

February 2017 Garden News

Well, what can I write about?
We are just so dry here, not a blade of green grass in sight and all the trees shedding leaves like crazy in an attempt to stay alive.

We have not had any rain since mid-December and for most of the time the temperature has been in the mid to high 30c in the shade.
Even now as I type it’s 33c and 99% humidity under our insulated patio area.
I have been keeping most of our plants alive by watering them with water from our tanks, but that has now virtually dried up with only a couple of rings left in one of the seven tanks.
I and stressed, despairing and sad to see so much of my hard work is being destroyed by this shocking summer weather, it is hitting me hard.
Summer is supposed to be our wet season, hate to think of us going through winter with empty tanks.
Yes, I know other people are going through drought and farmers know it all too well.
There is really not a lot to write about this month other than most of my time has been spent with hose in hand trying to keep my plants alive.
I had one garden presentation and although it was enjoyed by the audience they hardly bought any plants and we received a coffee cup for our trouble.

We also had a small bus load of visitors from a Retirement Village who spent an enjoyable morning here.

In March we have two BIG bus trips here and I am very worried about the state of the garden, just hope for rain but do not hold out much hope.

There are a few bright spots where some plants have flowered but it could have been so much better.

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