Thursday, March 30, 2017

March 2017 Garden News

We started off the month with dry crispy brown lawns and empty tanks, it was quite depressing seeing everything so stressed.

The Brugmansia’s were especially hard hit with two large ‘Bruce’s Pink’ dying and others not far off.

Whoever said gardening was a relaxing hobby was quite wrong.

We had a presentation at the ‘Palm Lakes Retirement Village’ at Eagleby, I could not give a visual presentation as the meeting was held outside, it was a bit strange as there was an empty hall adjacent, anyway I spoke for half an hour about our garden and they enjoyed it.

We also had two bus tours through the garden on the Tuesday we hosted ‘The Gap Garden Club’ and on the Wednesday it was ‘Blue Pacific Retirement Village’ from The Gold Coast. It was a shame we were so dry but all visitors understood that and still enjoyed the garden.

We were asked to give a talk on the Sunshine Coast to support the Leukaemia Foundation I was speaking directly after this years ‘Australian of the Year’.
 It was a wet day and I spoke for around 15 minutes before I was cut off, it was a shame as I had not quite finished my talk.
It was a long two hour drive each way for a 15 minute talk.
Still some colour in the garden.

We had about 50 mills of wonderful rain mid-March, not enough to fill up the tanks but enough to start turning the lawns green and spark up the plants and yes I did a 'nudie' run around the garden.

Our final presentation for the month was to go to ‘Eagleby Garden Club’ and give my new ‘Clever Gardening’ presentation.

The rain from Cyclone Debbie has gone but left us with seven full rainwater tanks and wet gardens.
We had six inches of rain (150 mills) which was the best rain since 2012.
We can go into winter now knowing we have water, I must admit I was very worried a week ago.
It is an understatement to say I am happy.

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