Tuesday, September 02, 2014

August Garden News 2014

We started August just so dry and almost out of water, it just gets so hard sometimes.
Our first gardening presentation for the month was for ‘Roselovers’, we have already been there on three previous occasions so I had to do a new power point for them.
The new presentation will be the last of four, it’s called ‘A Garden Journey’ and starts when I was 23 and goes to today, it’s interesting to see how far we have come in all those years. The club loved the presentation, so that made me happy.

Rode-Chermside Garden Club came on a bus tour and enjoyed the garden, seems they were as dry as we are and understood us having a dry garden.

Then, lo and behold it started to rain; a beautiful 100 mills fell, I was so happy to see the moisture go into the garden and start to fill our tanks. It was good steady rain so that allowed the moisture to penetrate the soil, I did not want a storm as that would of seen too much run off.
We now have enough stored water to take us to our November ‘Open Garden’, that has never happened before.
I managed to do quite a bit of fertilizing during the rain and that has paid off as the lawns are looking quite green.
I cannot remember when we last had August rain.

I have lost quite a few plants this winter as it has been quite cold, but I have bought more to replace the ones that I lost, so there will not be any empty spaces.
I received a large box of ‘Gardena’ products to review; this will not be a problem as whenever I buy anything to do with watering the garden it has to be ‘Gardena’ as there quality is second to none.

We went to give a presentation to ‘The Gap’ garden club having to travel fighting peak hour traffic for over an hour only to arrive there a whole YEAR early, that will teach me to read emails correctly.
I feel that once the weather starts to warm up the garden will spring into life, I am very positive that this year’s ‘Open Garden’ will be the best yet.

I could not find a place for a ‘Fraser Island Creeper’ that I bought at the Nambour Expo so I build a new structure for it to climb on.

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