Monday, September 29, 2014

September 2014 Garden News

On the first day of the month we travelled to Nambour Garden Club to present ‘A Passion for Plants’.
It was a very big club and there were over 160 people in attendance.
My PowerPoint presentation was very well received.
          Peace Rose
      Black Beauty Rose
After lunch we headed up to see Maureen at ‘Mt Towen Tropicals Nursery’, we had fortunately sold enough plants at the club to make room for the one’s we bought off Maureen. We always enjoy going up there as Maureen is a really lovely person and always gives you the time out of her busy day.
I went to 'Ormiston State School' to give another presentation ‘Adventure in the Garden’ to the prep’s, well what a wonderful experience that is, you can really get the children excited and interested, I love doing this.
Then the following week another presentation, this time to Victoria Point Garden Club’s ‘Friendship day’.
The following week we had an evening presentation to the ‘Queensland Bromeliad Society’ at New Farm, so it’s been a busy month for presentations.
We had 24 mills of rain this month, that combined with the  100 mills of rain we had in August has been a blessing for us and the garden, I just cannot remember when we last had rain in August and September.

I am still worried about a lot of the more tropical plants as it has been the coldest Winter I can remember, I think I have lost quite a few plants, but there again I have planted 100s of new ones this year.
I have done some more fencing at Scott’s and built a concrete slab for a garden shed.

My helpers

We had our swimming pool area inspected in order to comply with the new Queensland (draconian) pool laws, of course it did not pass as expected but at least I knew what had to be done.
I have worked very hard these past two weeks taking old fences down and putting new ones up, I think I am there now and able to get the area re inspected and hopefully pass.

I never stop improving our garden, this time I have placed some large pavers and planted grass in-between them. I have tried on previous ocassions to gross grass in this area and have failed, see how we go this time.

I am starting to send out ‘Open Garden’ flyers to garden clubs and newspapers, from now on it’s going to be a ‘busy life’, hang on, I am always busy. 
I have also been busy making signs, very time consuming job doing it all by hand.

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