Sunday, February 06, 2011

Garden News January 2011

After six weeks of almost continual rain with over one metre of rain falling, it’s now been over 30c for several weeks with very high humidity.
Not good gardening weather.
We were very fortunate not being affected by the Brisbane floods or Cyclone Yasi.
 I think one Cyclone in a lifetime is enough as we were in Darwin when Cyclone Tracy ripped through.
We are hoping for rain soon as the heat is drying out the gardens so we are going to have to start watering the gardens very soon.
With the rain and the heat I have not done much in the way of gardening during January.
There’s been lots of growth and a fair bit of cutting back and trimming to do, plus having to mow the lawns almost every week.
I have taken out a couple of Heliconias that have not flowered and now have some room for some new plants, looks like a trip up to Nambour to see Maureen Simons for some new gingers.
Our Swiss visitors left mid January; they had a rough time with the weather and did not do much sightseeing.
I am getting a new presentation ready for this year entitled ‘A passion for Plants’, already booked at a number of garden clubs, also quite a few bus trips coming here.

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