Wednesday, January 05, 2011

December 2010 Garden

What a wet month it’s been, we have had 710 mills of rain during December, and I have to go back to the 1970s to remember rain like this.
Thank goodness I made sure that our drainage was good with plenty of outlet pipes and drains to take away excess water.
Could not do a lot of gardening as the ground has been completely waterlogged and on the few fine days I have had to mow the lawns which are growing so fast.
Everything is growing well especially the Heliconias and Gingers and even though it’s been very wet we have not lost any plants.
The Caladiums are putting on a great show (see video below).
The insects have been bad especially the black lily grub, I have had to keep a daily eye on the plants they love. I am also on the lookout for lawn grubs as they should appear soon.
We had a new back patio built as the old one was hot and leaking; this one is 50mm insulated and is above the gutter line allowing air to circulate, so far we are very happy and much cooler.
We have decided to open our garden again in 2011, it will be our 10th successive year in the scheme, and how the garden has changed in that time. When I look back at the photos of those first few years I get embarrassed.
I would love to open in February for a change but Judy will not hear of it, pity because the garden looks really tropical at this time of year, perhaps not as colourful as in November.
We have a family visiting us from Switzerland for six weeks, mum; dad and three small boys aged 2, 4 and 6. Life has changed for Judy and I during this period.
Caladium Garden video....

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