Friday, March 04, 2011

Garden news for February 2011

Another great month weather wise as just enough (140 mills) fell during the month, what a relief it is not to have to spend hours each day watering.
I gave my new presentation( A passion for Plants) to 'Glebe Garden Club on what was probably the hottest day of summer, it must of been 50c inside the hall.
Judy and I had two very bad weeks where we caught a virus and just could not do anything other than rest and get to know the porcelain bowl extremely well; we have both recovered and are back in the garden.
We were let down by the Open Garden Co-ordinater who promised us she would visit on 21st, but she never came and did not let us know. After nine years and always good numbers of visitors we have NEVER had a Co-ordinator visit our garden and yet they are the ones who are supposed to promote your garden. Good job I do a lot of the promotion myself I say.
On 22nd we had visitors from ‘Tambourine Mountain Garden Club’ and what a nice lot of people they were, they enjoyed the garden and we enjoyed having them.
On 28th we hosted a bus trip from ‘Green Park Garden Club’, this was a  little different from previous club as quite a few were just content to sit under the back patio, I think a lot of  the members were just on a social outing. No one gave us any feedback unless asked, and only then did they said how great the garden was.
I took out some heliconias that have never flowered and had been told they never will and a few other plants that were past their use by date.
Next month we will go up to the Sunshine Coast and restock from Maureen Simons nursery, looking at more beehive gingers, torch gingers, costus and heliconias.
Maureen is writing a book on gingers, heliconias and costus, it will be an identification guide and a guide to growing. I will be most defiantly getting a copy as I consider her to be the expert on tropical plants in this part of the country. For anyone that is interested her web site is as follows:
Don’t forget to check and of course my photo album found at

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