Sunday, May 16, 2010

April Garden news 2010

You can finally feel autumn in the air, I have to get busy and spread the 60 bales of sugar cane mulch in the garden before the soil gets too cool.
I spoke to about 100 members of the Mount Gravatt Garden Club and Judy tried to sell some plants, very poor response with only five plants sold. I am sure garden clubs are purely a social event and not too much about gardening.
This time of year is pruning time, I cut back the Longan trees quite severely, also trimmed the Jaboticaba’s, the five cornered fruit are next.
I manned the SMART gardening stall for two days during the ABC Garden Expo, there was not a lot of interest shown and overall it was very disappointing, no-one from the expo was interested in the fact that I was runner up in ‘Gardener of the Year’.
We had a bus tour from The Beaudesert garden Club of 55 people, they were a good visit and enjoyed the garden and were interested in buying plants.
My youngest son got married on 24 April and the reception was held in our back garden, it was a great day and everything went well.
Again we have been saved with some good rain in April, all our tanks except the new one are full, what a difference life is when you do not have to spend hours each day watering.
Our neighbour is renewing the side fence on the right side of our garden; it is colour bond and will take a bit of getting used to.
My next job is to complete the retaining wall along the driveway, it’s a big and heavy job but one which has to be done.
The garden is looking nice but lots of the tropical’s have now gone into dormant stage.

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Marleneann said...

What is the name of the pink orchid? Thanks.