Wednesday, April 07, 2010

It’s been a month where the garden has taken second fiddle to the house.
I have spent days and days painting the new extension and the old garage; I must admit it is one job that I really dislike, but now all finished and looking good.
It amazed me just how much paint I used.
The extension (carport) will be great, concrete has been poured and we will be able to drive on it in four days. Poor car has been out in the weather for about six weeks and is very dirty.
The new 24,500 litre tank arrived and the driver was able to crane it into the hole for me, and all my levels were ok and the fall from gutter into tank was good.
I have been to Victoria Point and Ferney Grove Garden Clubs to talk about smart gardening and have a full calendar for the next couple of months.
I trimmed our Longan trees by a third and that’s about all the gardening I did for the month.
We had some rain, just enough so that we did not have to water the garden.

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Steve Lambert said...

Hi Ian

What has happened to your May post? I am hanging out for it.