Tuesday, June 01, 2010

May 2010 Garden News

It’s been a busy month talking to garden clubs, I have visited Russell Island, Clayfield and Albany Creek clubs, as usual the talks went down well, we met some nice people and we were able to sell a few plants.
Sophie turned one this month and we had a very nice party here for her, what a beautiful nature she has.
We have our youngest son and his wife living with us at the moment as they are renovating their old house getting it ready to sell before they move in our estate on half acre. Guess who will be helping them with their garden; they will have much better soil where they are as they are much higher than us.
I have been helping them put paver garden borders in and a paved back patio area, all done to make the home presentable for sale. He has taken my advice and is spending a bit of money on the refurbishment, we are sure he will recoup the money spent plus more when he sells.
We had a surprise visit from gardening Australia who wanted to film a segment on structure in the garden, it was a difficult segment to do as, what is structure? So we talked about trees and under planting. To my mind structure encompasses the rocks, trees, shrubs, colour and even the soil in which the plants grow.
Colin Campbell was the presenter; he is the best gardening commentator in Australia and a real gentleman.
I am busy pruning the four Carambola (five cornered fruit) trees at the moment, I find climbing trees quite difficult these days and spend the night with very painful legs.
I have also spread 50 bales of sugar cane mulch around the garden, only 10 left to go.

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