Tuesday, June 02, 2009

What a busy month it has been.
We had over 200mills of rain mid month and some follow up showers, all the tanks are full and the sub soil is actually damp, augers well for the rest of the year.
I spoke to the Chermside Garden Club and the Beenleigh Garden Clubs and now have a power point presentation. My talk is about ‘Sub Tropical Gardening in Brisbane’. I was very well received and have been asked to go on the registrar for the ‘Queensland Council of Garden Clubs’, which I have accepted.
Our winter supply of sugar cane mulch arrived and I have started to spread 65 bales, it’s good because the ground is still fairly warm and the mulch will act as insulation as well as keeping moisture in the soil.
There's been a lot of garden rubbish this month and the shredder has been working overtime, all going into the compost bin of course.
We had a visit from the ‘Coochie Mudlo Garden Club’ only a small club but they all enjoyed the garden.
My ‘photobucket’ album http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v160/Ianrobert/ has now got a stats counter and much to my amazement in the last six months 155,000 photos have been viewed, that is incredible.
I won a $200 garden Express voucher for a submitted 'Garden bed' photo, looking forward to spending that.
Now for the main news, Judy and I are now grandparents to a beautiful baby girl, Sophie Jane, a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. She is also a ‘miracle’ baby as our son Scott is a paraplegic and the pregnancy came as a complete surprise to all. We are so very happy and will spoil Sophie.
I am still working most days in the garden and it’s really starting to show, this year’s ‘Open Garden’ will be the best ever.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations from the Seychelles! A well deserved gift for the whole family! I admire your passion and the energy that you have for your garden. Keep it up!

Since visiting your blog, I am also building up my little broms corner. It is addictive and I enjoy it.