Tuesday, July 07, 2009

June 2009 Garden News

There’s not a lot of news this month, it has rained again, we had 100 mills during the month and the place is very wet, in fact I was overheard to say “I wish it would dry up a bit”. I could not imagine myself saying that a couple of years ago.
Even though it’s winter the garden is still looking good, I believe this years ‘Open Garden’ will be the best it’s ever looked.
I have been helping Judy with her Bromeliads a lot this month and she is pleased with our joint effort.
I am in demand as a speaker to garden clubs; I am booked to talk at Ormiston, Aspley, and Ipswich Garden Clubs as well as two talks at the local library. I have made up a power point presentation on ‘Smart Sub Tropical gardening in SE Queensland’. So far my presentation has been very well accepted.
I am doing lots a little jobs around the garden like placing miniature Bromeliads in trees and filling up low spots with dirt.
I must have about five or six cubic metres of compost brewing at the moment, all mixed with mushroom compost. I always keep a few extra bags and place under the Custard Apple tree; this gives us enough mushrooms for family and us for quite some time.

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