Thursday, April 30, 2009

Garden news from April 2009

April has been a very busy month.
Have been prawing just about every week, see photo of 'Charlie' above.
In the first couple of weeks of this month we had 225 mills of rain, all tanks are overflowing and the garden is smiling.
I put up shelving in Judy’s Bromeliad house and removed all the pine bark from ground; hopefully this will stop rot disease and let in a lot more air circulation.
I have started to use Scott’s Crown 225 as an insect spray and so far I am very pleased with the results. I am also trying out ‘Amigrow’ fertilizer mixed with ‘Natra kelp’.
Judy and I have joined the Wynnum Garden Club; we have found it to be a very friendly club who have always supported our ‘Open garden’.
We have done a big garden clean up done to prepare for our visitors from Bundaberg.
My SMART gardening course has finished and we graduated with a certificate and polo shirt, where this will take us in the future I am not sure what sort of volunteer work I want to do.
We went to the ABC garden Expo and were very disappointed as it was very small and not a lot really to see.
The International Tropical Foliage and Garden Society from Bundaberg visited our garden, they came and went quite quickly, we were the last place they were visiting and they were all tired and just about gardened out by the time they reached us.
I have been invited to join the ‘open garden’ committee but not sure if I will accept as I HATE committees and have never enjoyed the few that I have been on in the past.
As well as having a ‘smart garden’ we now have a ‘smart home’ having just installed an eight-panel solar power system, which generates 1.3 kilowatts of electricity; hopefully this will ease the pressure on our electricity bills.
I continue to make small changes to the garden and will continue to do so as it will never be finished. We are looking forward to being grandparents for the first time in mid May.

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