Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Garden News from March 2009

I was invited by the Bayside Garden Club at Wynnum to give a talk on sub tropical gardening in Brisbane, which I did and was well received. I took along a selection of plants and flowers; about 60 people were in attendance. Judy and I have decided to join this club, as they are a nice lot of people.
I am still attending the ‘Smart’ gardening course and learning a bit but sometimes it gets a bit too much technical and stuff like natives plants I must admit I do not have a lot of interest in.
I was sitting down on the back patio looking at our waterfall/pond area and realised that I could really improve it, so I started to remove the front pool fence then re- install it at he back of the waterfall of course one job always leads to another so it was more bush rocks, soil and fencing material. The fence also needed to be ‘CANE TOAD’ proofed.
I also had to buy a new pond filter and pump, so this time I bought a filter with a UV light and a 6000 litre per hour pump.
The pond area looks really great now I am very pleased with the end result.
It’s the Prawning season so I am trying to get out on Tingalpa Creek as much as possible.
Looking forward to visit from the ‘International Tropical Foliage and Garden Society’ members on 19th April 2009, they are on a bus tour from Bundaberg.
I attended an all day Native bee (sting-less) workshop and really enjoyed it. I was glad I went.
 I have planted a couple of dozen more ‘cordylines’ In the garden but it’s hard to see where they have gone. We had a garden visit last year and I was asked, “where were the cordylines”? I replied “there’s about 200 plus if you look”.
Last but not least RAIN, it only rained once in March 20 mills only.

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I wish I had your knowledge about gardening.