Monday, August 09, 2021

Garden News July 2021


We had one garden presentation this month to Forest Lake Garden Group, a nice bunch of people who only recently visited our garden on a bus tour.

 Very little else in the way of presentations happening.

We went to the Nambour Garden Expo, it was a wet and miserable day and we did not buy much as the prices were through the roof.

 We took our two Grand-Daughters with us on the promise of food, they were great.

After the Expo we called in to see our friends at Natrakelp, always nice to see them.

In the garden I have been very busy laying more turf in the front garden and putting an extra layer of rocks in the garden at front of house on top of existing ones, ground was as hard as a rock so I had to put a few barrows loads of compost to break it up. Judy has replanted a selection of plants that will take full sun.

Judy requested more benches so she received them, I am getting really good and quick at making these now.

I have a new area to plant out after removing some rampant Justicica's.

Plants from July


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