Sunday, July 04, 2021

June 2021 Garden News.


Plenty of tree and shrub trimming and cutting, this is always a big winter job with four Carambolas, one Mango, five Jaboticabas, five Grumichama’s, Custard Apples and various shrubs.

Plenty of loads to the dump as my Composting areas are quite full.

I am trying to lower the height of several of the fruit tree to make it easier to trim in the future as I am not getting any younger.

We went back to Genny Catlin’s and finished off putting up the shade cloth.

We had three garden presentations booked for June but I had to cancel one of them or rather it was cancelled for me as the club wanted me to reduce my presentation from 45 minutes to 25 minutes. I just cannot do that as it would destroy the whole idea of my talk.

Anyway, we went one evening to New Farm to give a Presentation to the ‘Brisbane Bromeliad Society’ then the following week to ‘The Gap Garden Club’, all really enjoyed my ‘Aroids and Colour’ presentation.

The only problem was driving through Brisbane’s traffic, don’t really care for that sort of driving anymore.

Judy has had a bumper crop of rare Anthurium seeds and these have done well in her hothouse.

Judy is at her happiest propagating.

There are going to be some fantastic plants available if we can open in November.

The last Sunday of the month was a Cordyline meeting at Rochedale, as usual a bunch of great people there and for the first time ever I won first prize in the raffle which was a large bag of fertilizer.

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