Friday, October 04, 2019

September 2019 Garden News

We started off the month with two back to back garden presentations.
The first was ‘Caloundra Garden Club’ which is always packed with over 100 members then the following day we went to ‘Indooroopilly Garden Club’ which was much smaller than Caloundra with only about 35 members present, still they all enjoyed my presentation.
The trip to Indooroopilly took longer than to travel to Caloundra, the traffic can only be described as awful, hate to do that drive daily.
The NBN was put on but as we were already on cable it has not made a lot of difference.
We went to an Orchid Show but did not buy anything as the prices were too high, still there were some magnificent orchids on display and this one really caught our eye, I imagine it would be very difficult to get.
Lot’s to do in the garden as usual, I went around the whole garden trimming and cleaning.
We took delivery of 30 bales of Sugar Cane mulch from Andrew Currant and I have finished mulching the back yard.
I found the best top-dressing soil and have commenced top dressing all our back lawns, I have the proper wide rake and leveling rake but it’s still hard work.

The top-dressing soil is available from ‘Rocknsoil’ at Capalaba at $85 a cubic metre.

I am saving the best news for last, we actually had 32 mills of rain in September, that's fantastic as September is usually dry.

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