Thursday, May 02, 2019

Garden news April 2019

At last enough rain to almost fill all our seven rainwater tanks, overall, we have had some good follow up rain  and what a relief not having to stand and water for hours on end.
It is amazing how quickly to garden has responded to the rain although the lawns have taken a real beating.

So, to say the least we are happy gardeners at the moment.

We had a very nice visit to ‘Mt Mee Garden Club’ where I gave a presentation, very nice country people.
We hosted ‘Mitchelton and District Senior Citizens Club’ and ‘Greenpark Garden Club’, all who enjoyed the refreshed garden.

I am already having to trim trees to let more light into the garden, amazing change from a month ago.
Our youngest son and family visited us then went on a two-week holiday to Bali, unfortunately Warrick was bitten by a mosquito carrying Dengue Fever and fell very sick.
Upon return to Brisbane he had to be hospitalized and put on a drip, it’s a shocking disease and will take him a while to recover.

The rain has of course brought many weeds into the garden and I am digging them out by the bucket load before they seed again.
Nice orchids out at the moment.

My back and left hip is not the best at the moment, not interested in doing any heavy work at the moment.
I have finished my new presentation 'Aroids, Colour and Orchids in the Giving Garden' Judy has seen it and is happy so I will try it out this month when we vist 'Clayfield Ascot Garden Club'.

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