Thursday, December 06, 2018

November 2018 Garden News

What a busy month was November with our 17th consecutive ‘Open Garden’.
We really thought last year was going to be our last but Scott needed some help to get to Norway next year to compete in the ‘World Disabled Water Ski Championships’.

We let Scott keep all the gate takings plus there was a donation box.
585 people came on the weekend and as usual the plant buyers were queued up at 8am.
What a morning, we were rushed off our feet and thanks to our helpers who we could not of done without.
Will we open next year? That is the question.
Probably, it’s a heck of a lot of work and the elements are usually against us but we enjoy the weekend and we get to help someone in need. So, if our health holds up YES we will open again in November 2019.
The garden was still quite dry as we had no rain since mid-October and only a few mills since.
The Black Sapote crop was quite small compared to other years but they were quite a size.

Still the garden looked terrific and everyone who came enjoyed it and that’s what it is all about, sharing our love of plants and gardening with others.

We had good support from the local newspapers.

On the Wednesday prior to the opening I had a call for help from ‘Bayside Garden Club’ whose guest speaker was unavailable and asked if I could do it, so off I went and gave the ‘Garden Journey’ presentation.
I am now working on a new presentation ‘Fantastic flowers and Foliage’, done about 70 pictures of Aroids so far but really need a rainy day to do more.
So much time spent standing watering the garden, it’s a job I really hate but one that has to be done if I want to keep my plants alive.
My Amorphophallus collection was quite slow to come up this year, probably due to the cool spring.

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