Thursday, June 07, 2018

May 2018 Garden News

May was a very busy month for us.

First was a presentation to the ‘Ipswich Bromeliad Society’ it went really well and everyone enjoyed my presentation and Judy’s plants.

 Impatient 'Congo Cockatoo'.
 Impatient 'Tropical Sunset'

We then had a large group through from ‘Highfields Garden Club’ in Toowoomba, there were 59 people on the bus and our garden was their only stop over so they stayed for quite some time.

Only one problem was Judy had an argument with one of visitors about an Aristolochia gigantea, she thought it was illegal and Judy said it wasn’t, anyway this person upon arriving home sent our local council an email stating that we were growing an illegal plant. So around comes the council inspector to check us out, all good. Some people are just plain NARKS.

Our Triplaris was in full flower.

We then had two bus trips from a respite care center, not really interested in gardening but made for a nice day out for them, more a community service on our part.

I replaced the roof on Judy’s shade house, a Macadamia branch had fallen and flattened the roof, that was a big job and also built a couple of plant stands for her.

Little bit dangerous as I had to cut down a massive branch which was difficult to do without causing further damage, anyway managed to do it with a couple of cuts and a fall into the drain hitting my head quite hard on a piece of timber.
Seyrigia 'Snowsticks'

Lots of cutting back and trimming as the wet summer made everything grow much more than usual.
May was quite dry and it was back to hand watering the garden.

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