Thursday, September 01, 2016

Garden News August 2016

I just heard on the radio that some areas of South East Queensland received up to 300 mills of rain this month.
One thing that really is for sure is that it was not Birkdale, we had about 20 mills all month, anything is better than nothing.
I am surprised how long our rainwater tanks are lasting, getting low now but surely we must get some decent rain soon as they say we are going from El Nino to La Lina this year which is supposed to bring us rain.
A garden talk this month to ‘Banksia Garden Club’ on Bribie Island. They were a great club and were very hospitable towards Judy and I, we enjoyed our day there.

We had a trip to Agnes Water to see my son and family and I found myself roped in for a garden talk at their first ever ‘Orchid and Foliage Festival’.

We went to the local 1770 markets and a metal sculpture took my fancy.

The Capalaba Lions club visited and we planned out this year’s ‘Open Garden’, they are very focused and should put on some nice food for our visitors.
I managed to get all four Carambola trees trimmed and started on the Custard Apples, always a big job.
The humble 'Pig Face' always looks spectacular this time of year.

Our neighbour has finally cut down his massive (widow maker) gum tree that was virtually on our fence line, so no longer will our garden and gutters be filled with gum leaves and branches and he can sleep soundly knowing a branch is not going to come down onto his bedroom.

It is also the right time to dig out the Caladium and Blood Lily bulbs, refurbish the gardens and replant.

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