Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sorry I have not done much here of late but life has been pretty busy these last two months.
We had a great Open Garden and enjoyed a short break at Agnes Water afterwards to see our son and granddaughters.
We came home to a very dry garden and a bus trip visit so it was flat strap making the garden look decent.
The bus trip visitors were from a Retirement Village and enjoyed their morning staying about three hours.

Christmas came and still very dry.
We had visitors stay with us our son from Agnes Water his wife and the little girls, we had a great Christmas with all of our family.

Warrick and Fabie left to go back to Agnes Water and left the girls in our care, well I can assure you that NO gardening was done for those two weeks; we were both flat out looking after a three and a five year old, we did love it though.

We did receive a small amount of rain late December and in early January we had a whopping 92 mills.
The temperature has been in the 30s for almost all summer so any rain has quickly disappeared, the good thing is that we received much needed water in our tanks.

I hate this time of year as the gum trees lose all their bark and leaves and it makes such a mess of the garden, it’s annoying because some of the trees are not even in our yard.
Three trailer loads to the dump so far and more to come.
I cannot compost this as my bins are full and the stuff in there is as dry as a bone.
We badly need some summer rain.
I have started work on a new project in the garden which is going to be similar to the project I did last year under the Neem tree.

I am progressing better than expected and am very pleased on how it is looking so far.

Have about six garden club talks booked in for this year and no bus trips  yet, I do wonder sometimes as when we do go to a club everyone say’s how much they enjoyed the presentation and then we are never invited back (not all clubs of course).

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