Sunday, January 31, 2016

January Garden News 2016

My second go at writing this blog as I pressed control v instead of control c to save the document; of course I lost the lot.
After a very successful Open Garden with over 600 visitors we went for a short break at Agnes Water to see my youngest son and his family, it was a nice break at a really beautiful part of Queensland.
We arrived back to a very dry garden and as we were having a bus load of visitors that weekend were kept very busy watering and tidying up the yard.
The bus trip was from a retirement village and they stayed all morning and enjoyed the garden.

We had a great family Christmas with both ours sons and families and it actually rained on the 27th which was a great Christmas present.

My youngest son and his wife departed for Agnes Water leaving the little girls with us for two weeks, well was that a busy but beautiful time.
Much more demanding than gardening and we loved it.
I got to watch every episode of ‘Mike the Knight’ and sometimes up to three or four times.
Mum and Dad came to pick them up and it was sad to see them go.

Warrick took a lot our plants home with him and some from Lagoon View and Nursery Traders; he has a good start with his plant selection.
We had a good fall of rain in early January but that was it right to the end of the month.
The temperature has been over 30c most days with very high humidity, quite unpleasant.

Judy and I were nominated for an Australia Day Award for raising $12,523 for disabled children through three ‘Open Gardens ‘but did not get as it went to someone who had already received an Order of Australia award, we could not compete against that.

I was especially pleased with the response I had by visitors to the project I completed last year, which was an extension of the garden under the Neem tree with an inverted park bench.

I decided to replicate this down the other end of the garden and finished it within a week and very happy with the result, all that’s left to do is the planting.

Our first garden presentation for the year is a Caloundra Garden Club on Tuesday 2nd February, not that many presentations booked for this year, I have no idea why as all we charge it petrol and toll money and we give a great one of six different Power Point Presentations all about gardening. 

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