Monday, November 02, 2015

October 2015 Garden News

October is usually a very dry month and as usual it stayed very dry. Some places north and south of Brisbane received great downpours but we had about 15 mills which is far better than nothing. It’s such a shame as a good dose of rain would make the garden so much better.
We are very fortunate that the late summer rain filled up all our tanks, so we still have enough water to water all of our plants.
Of course October is the time all the Hippeastrums flower and this month has had a great shoing with some really beautiful 'doubles' in flower.

No presentations this month which is good as I am so busy getting ready for our ‘Open Garden’.
We had one bus trip here this month from ‘Springdale Garden Club’ it was only a small bus but those who came really enjoyed the morning.
I actually apologised about the state of the garden prior to them walking around, when they had finished most of the comments were that is was the best garden they had seen. Perhaps I am too critical of myself.

I have given 22 presentations to various Garden Clubs and organisations this year, not a bad effort considering you only get petrol money and sometimes sell hardly any plants, anyway I consider it to be more of a community service. We certainly will not get rich doing it.
The unusual plants Amorphophallus and related are starting to smell.

The Brisbane Garden Show was on this month and of course we went, I must admit to being disappointed as there were not many of the plants Judy and I like/collect for sale. It was nowhere as good as the Nambour show. We came home with a couple of climbers bought from Wes Vidler.
My Facebook page ‘The Giving Garden’ is creeping towards to 1000 followers which is pretty good.
I have started a new Facebook page called ‘Open Gardens Queensland’ this will be available to anyone in Queensland to promote their ‘Open Garden’, of course the first garden is ours.
I have also started a web site called ‘Open Gardens Queensland’ and the same criteria apply with that.
I have planted many new plants this month as there are always holes to be filled.

 Tecomanthe 'Shannon'
 Dendrobium Orchid
 Lorikeets waiting for a feed.
 Double white Brugmansia
I think the garden is going to look great for our opening, we have green lawns and all the plants are looking healthy and we might just get some rain prior to opening ‘fingers crossed’.
My eldest son Scott returned from Sacramento in the United States where he had been competing in the World Disabled Water Ski Championships, he came home a ‘World Champion’ winning GOLD in the jump and a silver and bronze medal. We are so very proud of his achievements.

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