Tuesday, December 23, 2014

December Garden News

After each open garden we usually take a short break up the coast usually at Mooloolaba.
This year we are looking after our youngest son’s two Jack Russell dogs as he and his family are doing a round Australia two year trip. 
The eldest one had a very badly inflamed hernia and needed an operation.
So, what did we do, we worked in the garden and looked after ‘Diggity’.
I must admit I missed my holiday as 2014 has been a hard year and I really needed a break.
The good news is that we have had some rain, in total we have had 80 mills, which was not enough to fill our empty tanks but none the less very welcome.
It’s amazing how quickly brown lawns can turn green with a bit of rain.

I was roped into giving a presentation for a local Bunnings Garden Club.
We had a drive up to Nambour to see Maureen Simons and of course returned with a car load of plants.
2014 will stand out as probably the worst gardening year I have experienced and the hardest physical year I have had.

Basically until November it had only rained twice, we went through the whole of summer without a drop of rain.
I completed a few new projects in our garden.
Probably lost more plants to drought and cold winter than any other year.
My Amorphophallus collection is looking good.

My eldest son who is a paraplegic moved into a new house and I built all the retaining walls, fences, elevated vegetable garden, turf ect, for them.
There’s still a lot to do but I will wait until the weather cools down a bit.

The open garden was a success with $8292 dollars raised from our last two openings and all that money went to the Lions Club to assist disabled children.
Australia’s Open Garden’s closes its doors next year, I wonder how many people will continue to open, I know we are going to do it again next year.

Judy and I would like to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy gardening 2015.

My god, I am 70 this coming year.

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