Wednesday, December 04, 2013

November Garden News

After almost four months with little or no rain FINALLY we had some good showers, what an absolute relief for both Judy and I and our plants.

On the first night it rained I leapt out of bed at 2 am and put my raincoat over my pyjama shorts and started to fertilize the lawns, I did have lots of company doing this as the Cane Toads were also enjoying the rain.
What a joy it was to be wet.
I had two garden presentations one at Bayside Garden Club and another at Victoria Point Garden Club, this was also a good opportunity to plug our ‘Open Garden’.
Briz 31 is a community TV station with about 20,000 plus viewers, one of their shows is ‘Blooming in Brisbane’ and they came and filmed in our garden.
You can find the clip here

It was a good experience as the two girls doing the filming were both students, they filmed for half a day then went off to edit.
The finished product ended up really well with great editing, the link is here.
Then of course it was our ‘Open Garden’, this was not an opening for ‘Australia’s Open Gardens’ but to raise money for the Lions Club to purchase equipment for disabled children.
It was not great as far as numbers went, 350 passed through the gate and there were refreshments and a raffle, all this money went straight to the Lions Club.
The Lion's made  $2300, so that is a total of $5675 clear from two 'Open Gardens' raised by us this year for equipment for disabled children.
The garden looked good with the recent rain.

The rain had vastly improved the garden and the Blood Lily and Caladium displays were fantastic, overall the garden looked great.

Plant sales were reasonable with many visitors leaving with cheap and great plants plus a bag of Black Sapote fruit.
AS usual there was a nice selection of plants in flower.

At 2 pm on Sunday the heaven's opened and down came the rain and hail.

As usual both Judy and I were completely worn out afterwards and after the big clean up we headed up the coast to Mooloolaba for a few days break.

We called in to see some gardening friends and of course came home with a car load of new and rare plants to add to our collection.

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