Thursday, May 03, 2012

April Garden News

What a big month April has been.
First lot of visitors were from Logan Garden Club, then a field trip by members of Redlands Horticultural Society, Next were the Bribie Island Garden Club followed by a meeting of ‘Australia’s Open garden’ selectors.

Judy and I drove to Toowoomba so I could join the Retired Police Dog Handlers on the ANZAC day march, that was great and I was able to catch up with people I had not seen for 25 years. I will be doing that again for sure.

I am refurbishing three gardens, taking old plants out and putting in new soil and compost then new plants, it’s all about reviving and renewing the garden on a fairly regular basis.
It is also the time where I have to start a lot of pruning, I have been holding off due to the large amount of visitors we have been having, but seeing as there is only one more bus trip until August I will get started soon.
The dreaded Black Lily Grub has been busy eating the Hippaestrums , these are our worst pest in the garden.
We had six inches of rain last week, it has rained off and on for weeks now and I really need to do some spraying.

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