Monday, April 02, 2012

March 2012 Garden News

What a big month for Judy and I.
First was a visit to ‘Rose Lovers Society’ at Keperra it was a good visit as they enjoyed the presentation and bought a lot of Judy’s plants.
Then we went out to ‘Karana Downs Garden Club’, again a good visit.
Next was a drive out to ‘Forest Lake Garden Club’, this was an evening presentation so we were quite late home.
Our last presentation for the month was ‘Robina Garden Club’; this was a long day as we had to sit and wait a few hours before I could do my presentation.
We had visitors from ‘get up and Go’, Forest Lake Garden Club’ and ‘Oxley Garden Club’.

So, as you can see we had a very busy month and April looks like it will be just as busy.
For the bus trips we clear the back patio, put chairs out and have an urn boiling, plus plants for sale.
I had a new gardening book arrive from Amazon, it’s called ‘Bizarre Botanicals’ and it’s a great book, surprisingly we have a lot of the plants featured in it.

One thing I did learn was why a bat plant is so called, it’s not the flower but the seed pod (picture attached).

Lots of pruning done, we have had quite a wet summer and all the fruit trees have grown so much that not much light was getting through to the understory, so I had to make some openings where the light could reach the plants. If you don’t do this then you risk a diseased tree.
Zingiber 'Golden Glory' beehive measured 35 cm high, looked amazing.

I am in the process of raising part of the pool fence and the turning the existing garden into another ‘Caladium Corner’ as we now have a great source of new Caladiums.
                                                          Ceropega 'String of Hearts'
                                                                        Golden Lycoris
                                  The above is called 'Tapeworm Plant' or 'Bad Hair Day Plant'
                                                                   Cardinal Creeper
                                                                Heliconia 'Mildred'

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