Sunday, March 25, 2012

Things we love about Gardening

My morning, midday and evening walks around the garden, I never tire of this routine.

Seeing a plant flower for the first time.

Sourcing a plant, which we do not have already growing.

Visiting garden shows.

Visiting garden centres, especially the smaller ones.

Meeting and making friends with fellow gardeners.

Seeing our landscaping and plant selection coming to fruition.

Keeping me fit, healthy and fully occupied in retirement.

Opening our garden to the public and meeting up to a 1000 great people in our backyard is an awesome experience.  It is months of hard work and effort to prepare for the open weekend, but well worth it and we have done it on the last ten consecutive years.

Garden photography.

Keeping my garden blog, my ‘photobucket’ album and my garden product review sites up to date. I get a real thrill knowing ten's of thousands of gardeners from well over 100 different countries have seen our garden through the blog and photo album.

Talking to Garden Clubs and sharing our passion, I have now bought a laptop and projector and give presentations on ‘Smart Sub Tropical Gardening’ and ‘A passion for Plants’parts one and two.

The fact that my wife also loves gardening, so it’s a passion shared.

Knowing that we have raised $30,000 for charity through opening our garden.

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