Sunday, February 15, 2009

January Garden 2009

It has been very dry and hot since Christmas, not a day under 30c and the garden is showing signs of stress from the hot and very dry conditions.

I started a new garden while Judy was incapacitated (new knee) as I knew she would not be happy with more loss of lawn, so she came home from Hospital to a 'status quo'. It is probably the last major project in the back yard as the water situation will only get worse and we do want to keep some lawn. I am very happy with the end result and I think Judy is too, but of course she will not say so.

I have been off work for five months, hasnt that gone quick, I have been very busy with lots to do and still to do.

We signed up to have Solar Power installed, we opted for an eight panel system which generates abot 1.3 kw of electricity a day, that with our solar hot water, insulation and roof whirlybirds make our home very green and smart.

Had a couple of Heliconias flower for the first time, 'Chocolate Dancer' and 'Manoa Sunrise', I still get a kick out of seeing a plant flower for the first time.

I must admit I had more time when I was at work to write this blog, I hate being indoors during the day.

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