Thursday, January 01, 2009

December 2008 News

It's the last month of the year and alltogether it has not been a bad year.

The drought has finally broken,admittedly we have had a few dry spells but the rain did come at regular intervals.

It is always a relief when the 'Open Garden' is finished, I am not sure if the visitors realise just how much work goes into the opening.

December started off with some good rain, then we went for three weeks without, then the garden started to get that stressed look mainly due to the heat , we have had temps up to the high 30s.

Judy went into Hospital to have a complete knee replacement and I have been looking after her these past few weeks, looks like the operation was a success and Judy will soon be able to get back to her Bromeliads.

The best news of the month was from Scott and Eliza, seems that we are going to finally become grandparents in May, what wonderful news make it more than special as Scott is a paraplegic.

The garden is looking very green and lush the only thing that spoils it is the Gum trees losing their bark, very messy all the time.

I have often thought about opening our garden in February but realise the garden will be missing colour as the Day Lilys, Blood Lilys,Costus and Caladiums are already past their best.

I have decided to open a week later in 2009, so it will be the last weekend of November, the 28th and 29th.

I have decided on 2009s new project which will be an expansion of an existing garden in the back yard, Judy hates it but I think it will look nice.

Now that I am on long service leave I have time to do everthing, no more rushing.

The prawning season starts soon and I will be leaving the garden for a couple of months while I fill up the freezer (hopefully).

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