Thursday, May 29, 2008

May Garden 2008

Sorry to keep on harping on the same old subject but it’s so bloody dry, it’s been over eight weeks since we last had rain and everything has turned brown again, so much for ‘La Nina’ which was supposed to bring good autumn and winter rain.
Had a nice little break at Caloundra and of course brought back a car load of plants.
I went back to the Redland Bay nursery and bought enough plants to fill some holes in the garden, not many left now.
The big job this month has been to cut out old mother Bromeliads and mulch the garden, cannot get the small bales this time of year, so had some of the massive bales (equivalent to 10 normal bales) delivered.
It finally rained on 17th but was only a few mills, anything is better than nothing, and then the next day we had gale force winds which dried up what little moisture left.
Big jobs this month have been to take the chainsaw to the Mulberry Tree and give it a severe haircut, take out shred and compost the old mother Bromeliad plants and to plant a number of Tree Aloes in the front garden.
Then I decided to re-shade the neo house, we had previously made a big mistake putting 70% shade when I built it, now we realise the neo’s do not have the colour they should have, so I bought a 50 metre roll of premium shade cloth and cut the whole roll into four lengths and stapled together with chicken wire staples, then old cloth off and new on, mind you I had to enlist the help of our Subaru forester and a length of rope as it was too heavy for me either to take down or put up.
The end of the month and finally some decent rain, thank goodness.
I am really happy with the garden at the moment it’s going to look great for 2008 ‘Open Garden’.

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Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

I have just found your garden blog.
It is always a pleasur to see the garden and blog of a fellow gardener in the subtropics in Australia. I garden in the Currumbin Valley. I put you on my blogroll.