Friday, May 02, 2008

April Garden

Still slaving away every weekend shovelling soil, the refurbishment of the long side garden which is about 50 metres long has taken much more soil than I thought, altogether I will have carted in 13 metres all at one metre trailer loads. I will be really happy to have a weekend where I am not shovelling something.
I have booked a four-day holiday up at Caloundra. My body needs a rest as I have gone pretty hard every weekend since last years open garden.
I must admit the garden is looking very nice at the moment and that’s with all the caladiums and most of gingers dormant.
I am again going to try for ‘Gardening Australia’s’, ‘Gardener of the Year’. Why not! I certainly put the hard work and effort into our garden and it’s all a love job, not a business and I do not get any assistance other that what Judy can do with her bad Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Our new neighbours have started on their new home and have removed a massive silky oak tree, which was only a metre from our back fence; it was a very dirty tree (leaf drop) and roots everywhere, so I am not sad to see it go.
A local nursery was having a plant sale and we bought two carloads of very nice sub tropical plants.
The side garden is now completed after a very hard long weekend of trimming trees, going to the dump and trailer loads of soil, pine bark and mushroom compost.
The mushroom compost is what I mix with the leaf, lawn and shredded material to make my garden compost.
This month has been one of those months that has made a ‘difference’ to our garden.
No rain during the month of April.

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