Saturday, December 01, 2007

November in the Garden

Well it’s all over for another year (Open Garden) and both Judy and I are ‘gardened out’.
It has been a tough year with rain on only nine occasions, gale winds, hail and the coldest winter for 50 years with about 20 Heliconias and Costus lost.
Despite all that the garden was looking great for the opening and the ‘Blood Lily' as usual were in flower just at the right time.
Saturday morning and we had a couple of very heavy showers of rain and at one stage it looked quite bad, but it fined up and visitors kept on coming.
We had a record turnout with approximately 1000 visitors in our backyard.
All enjoyed it and not one bad comment during the whole weekend.
The only bad part was when Judy noticed that her special “Hannibal LectarBromeliad was missing; someone who knew their Bromeliads stole it, ‘hope it rots on them’.
The Lions made almost $4000, which will be given to ‘Young Care’ and Norm ‘Mr Water-fork’ sold 25, which made him very happy.
I have one new project lined up and this will be an expansion of the front garden, which will help camouflage the new rainwater tank and give Judy more room to store her Bromeliads.
The back gardens need topping up with soil due to the dreaded ‘shrinkage’ and perhaps some minor changes, not a lot more that can be done in the back.
I just need to motivate this tired body again.

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Anonymous said...

i love all the fabulous photos on this blog!! Absolutely delightful!!!