Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Garden in December 2007

I must be an idiot, talk about ‘making a rod for your own back’, I have just ordered a truck load of rocks and will collect sleepers, pavers sand and cement on the weekend, so starts the first project for 2008.
This project will be in the front yard and will extend the front gardens quite considerably, plus another rain water tank will be placed in front of the two already in place, I am planning a trellis in front of the tank with a nice climber to hide it.
Just had a letter from ‘Burkes Backyard’ magazine who want to visit.
We have already bought lots of new plants including some nice torch gingers.
I started on digging out the area for the new tank stand and nearly suffered heat stroke, the problem is that my mind tells me I have the body and energy of a 30 year old but my body is starting to tell me I am 62, I will just have to pace myself and get things done tomorrow instead of yesterday.
Burke Backyard visited on Sunday 16th and they were very impressed by the size of the garden and the vast array of different plants we have. They took lots of photos so we will just have to wait and see what comes out in the magazine.
The garden has really suffered from heat and lack of moisture, the rain that was forecast did not arrive (same old story).
I spent Saturday mixing crusher dust and cement for the tank stand, it was very hot and I am again exhausted, anyway it’s all done and the tank arrives on 14th of next month.
I will not get a lot done over Christmas as I am only having two days off, anyway it will be nice to have all the family around and relax, oops did I say relax, did not think I knew what it meant.
To all that read this blog, a very merry Christmas and happy gardening for 2008.

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Lucky-1 said...

Congrats on having Burke's Backyard coming out to visit:)