Tuesday, January 02, 2007

December 2006 Garden news

The Christmas Party for ITGFS was very quiet and only about 30 people attended, the weather was hot and muggy and by the time the party finished every plant in the garden looked stressed.
Seems that this plant Society is like every other one, infighting, if this falls apart I will be staying away from clubs, societies, ect. I just do not need this sort of crap in my life.
Fortunately we had a storm on Sunday night and received about 30mm of badly needed rain.
I will not be adding much this month as I am just about ‘gardened out’, sick to death of this dry weather and when it does rain we seem to get gale winds following which have done a lot of damage this year
It’s been a long hard year and my Arthritis is not getting better, the bones are not what they used to be.
Have a couple of small jobs to do over the Christmas break. I think I will leave the lily pond for a few months, no hurry with this as the Water Lily’s are dormant in winter anyway.
Well we have had a nice Christmas and I actually had a five day break from the garden, which is pretty amazing.
I cleaned and serviced my boat, outboard and fishing gear. I intend to get out on the bay during 2007.
After Christmas I couldn’t help myself, refurbished the garden behind the house, took out some Heliconias which have never flowered and replaced them with Gingers, Cordylines and Costus.

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